Eurorack modular synthesizer built with N8 Synth Eurorack Prototype PCBs

We designed N8 Eurorack prototype boards to help everyone get started building their dream DIY modular synth. If you can solder and lay out a circuit on a sprung breadboard, you can make a rack-ready DIY synth module with our solderable breadboard for Eurorack and Eurorack Control Decks.

If you are new to building DIY modular synths, we hope these step-by-step guides will help you get started. Check back often or follow us on Facebook, as we’ll post more over the coming months.

Photo of the completed synth LFO module

Simple LFO

Build a simple LFO. This great little 4HP low frequency oscillator module has triangle, square, saw wave outputs, a CV input for frequency modulation, and can be built in a few hours.

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