6HP Eurorack Prototype Kit

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Everything  you need to start building a 6HP Eurorack module

  • 1x Solderable Breadboard for Eurorack
  • 1x 6HP 2×6 Eurorack Control Deck
  • 1x 6HP 2×6 Pre-drilled Eurorack Panel
  • 1x 16 Pin Eurorack power header
  • 1x 40Pin right angle Male Header
  • 1x 40Pin Female Header

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A Breadboard for Eurorack

N8 Eurorack Breadboards follow the basic layout of a sprung, solderless breadboard, but we’ve slimmed things down by combining the ground and +/-12V power rails in a space-saving alternating pattern. Running along the left-hand side is the +12V power rail and the -12V power rail on the right. 

Outside of the two power rails are the two edge connectors. The edge connectors allow N8 Eurorack Breadboards to be stacked using standard 2.54mm pin headers for complex 10HP modules or mounted at 90 degrees to an N8 Control Deck for petite 4HP, 6HP, and 8HP modules.

Available with or without provision to host a standard 16 Pin Eurorack power connection and filter capacitors. 

The layout of the N8 Synth Solderable Breadboard for Eurorack showing the compact power rails, edge connectors and Eurorack power header with filter capacitors

The layout of connections arriving from an N8 Synth 6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck to an N8 Synth Solderable Breadboard for Eurorack.

6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck Connections

The twelve JPS cells on a 6HP 2×6 Eurorack Control Deck allow you to mount a 9mm potentiometer, 3.5mm jack socket, sub-miniature toggle switch or LED. Designed exclusively to partner with our Eurorack Breadboard, N8 Eurorack Control Decks give your DIY synthesizer modules flexible and professional control surfaces. 

Pin headers provide both physical and electrical connectivity between the Control Deck and Breadboard. Components can be mounted on either side of the Control Deck to change the order of the connections arriving at the Breadboard. 

The “d-bus” provides a convenient way to tie ground connections together on the Control Deck, reducing the number of wired connections needed between your circuit and the Breadboard’s edge connector.

Mounting the 6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck

N8 Eurorack Breadboards are attached to N8 Eurorack Control Decks using standard 2.54mm pin headers.

A 40-pin 2.54mm single-row female pin header is soldered to the rear of the Control Deck. We recommend this is done before you mount components to the front of the Control Deck. 

A 40-pin 2.54mm single row right angle male pin header is soldered to the breadboard. For a 6HP module, the pin header is mounted on the front/component side of the breadboard. This will ensure proper clearance when the module is mounted in your case. We recommend attaching the pin header to the breadboard after all other components have been placed and soldered.

The two pin-headers attach the control deck to the breadboard and provide connectivity for the components mounted on the control deck.

Hex nuts, supplied with our pots and 3.5mm jack sockets, attach our pre-drilled 6HP Eurorack panel to the jacks and pots on the control deck, completing your DIY Eurorack module. 

A diagram showing a the N8 Synth 6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck connections

Pre-drilled Eurorack Panels

Topping off every DIY synth module crafted with an N8 Eurorack Breadboard is a pre-drilled panel with holes to match the layout of one of our N8 Eurorack Control Decks.

Using our free Eurorack label templates, and an inkjet printer, you can unleash your inner Jony Ive and dress your next DIY Eurorack module to impress.

Download label templates for each panel, then follow our step-by-step guide on making labels for Eurorack panels.

N8 Synth pre-drilled 10HP Eurorack panel with and with out sticker


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