6HP Eurorack Prototype Kit – Quick Start Guide

6HP Eurorack Control Deck

Diagram of a 6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck illustrating the where components are mounted and connections can be made to the Eurorack Breadboard
Features of the 6HP Eurorack Control Deck
Diagram illustrating the use of spare pads on a Eurorack Control Deck to connect components
Making connections on the Control Deck
  • The vertical and horizontal A-B-C pads of each JPS cell are interconnected on the PCB. When a component is mounted, the cell’s unused pads can be used to interconnect components on the Control Deck. For example, you could add attenuation to an input from a jack socket.
  • Each JPS cell has a D-pad along with the A-B-C pads. The Control Deck’s D-pads are connected to form the D bus, which can be used as a common ground on the Control Deck. Handy for grounding all the jack socket sleeves.
  • The A-B-C pads connect to the breadboard connector, which allows signals to be routed to a breadboard via pin headers. The position of each JPS cell on the edge connector is annotated on the rear of the control deck.
Diagram illustrating the positions of 2.54mm pitch pin headers used to connect a 6HP Eurorack Control Deck to Eurorack Solderable Breadboard
  • The N8 Eurorack breadboard is mounted perpendicular to the 6HP Control Deck using the 2.54mm pitch pin headers included in the kit.
  • The 40-pin female header is mounted on the rear of the Control Deck.
  • The 40-pin, right-angled, male header is normally mounted on the front of the breadboard along with the Eurorack power header but can be mounted on the rear.
  • The pre-drilled panel is attached to the control deck with the washers and hex-nuts supplied with pots and jacks.

Eurorack Prototype Breadboard

The layout of the N8 Synth Solderable Breadboard for Eurorack showing the compact power rails, edge connectors and Eurorack power header with filter capacitors
  • N8 Eurorack solderable breadboards follow the familiar sprung breadboard layout, scaled to fit between Eurorack’s 3U rails. 
  • Edge connectors are provided for mounting the Control Deck along with dedicated pads for a Eurorack power header and filter capacitors. 
  • The traditional sprung breadboard’s power rails have been slimmed down to provide an alternating +12V / ground supply on the left and -12V / ground supply on the right.


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