N8 Eurorack Control Deck Connection Guide

Designed to partner with N8 Eurorack Breadboard, N8 Eurorack Control Decks give your DIY Eurorack modules flexible and professional control surfaces. N8 Eurorack Control Decks provide a Jack Pot Switch ( JPS ) cell matrix. Each JPS cell can accommodate a 9mm Alpha RD901F-40 style pot, Alpha RV09AF-40 style trimmer, 3.5mm PJ-3001F style jack, sub-miniature toggle switch, and 3mm or 5mm LED.

The position of the components on the Control Deck is matched to our pre-drilled Eurorack panels for easy mounting. We currently produce 4HP, 6HP, 8HP & 10HP Control Decks, which can host between six and eighteen components to support control surfaces for a wide variety of Eurorack modules, from humble mults to monster VCOs. The panel label can cover any holes in the panel left by unused cells. Check out this guide on making labels for Eurorack modules.

Inputs, Outputs, Knobs & Switches

Input and output from each JPS cell arrive at the Eurorack Control Deck’s edge connector, as the diagrams below indicate. Connections are also printed on the back of the Control Deck board for reference. You’ll find guides covering which pads to use for each component type here

We’ve labelled these connections A, B, and C rather than 1,2,3 as the side of the Control Deck a potentiometer is mounted on will reverse the logical order of the pot’s pins. A = 1, B = 2 C = 3 becomes A = 3, B = 2, C = 1. This ability to reverse the order is desirable for some designs as it changes where signals arrive at the N8 Solderable Breadboard’s edge connector. This can help optimise the layout of components on the breadboard.

4HP 1x6 Eurorack Control Deck

6HP 2x6 Eurorack Control Deck Connections

8HP 2x5 Eurorack Control Deck

10HP 3x6 Eurorack Control Deck Connections

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