Sub Mini Toggle Switch

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  • Actuator : 9.40mm
  • Pin Size(WxTxH): 1.5mm x 0.5mm x 4.0mm
  • Pin Spacing: 5.08mm
  • Bushing Diameter: 5mm
  • Overall Height: 27.80mm


Mounting a sub-miniature SPDT switch

N8 Eurorack Control Decks provide a grid of JPS cells. Each cell can host a 3.5mm jack socket, 9mm potentiometer, SPDT switch or LED.

N8 Eurorack Control Decks can accept SPDT switches with a pin spacing of 1.27mm and pin ( or lug )  width of up to 1.52mm. 

Switches are mounted using the vertical “ABC” pads. The switch’s body should be positioned within the smallest screen-printed rectangle. The upper lug is soldered to the lower hole of the “A” pad, and the switch’s centre lug is soldered in the middle “C” pad. 

The switch’s three connections appear at the Control Deck’s edge connector, as indicated on the rear of the board. A connection reference can also be found here.

Positioning a sub-miniture SPDT switch on an N8 Eurorack Control Deck

N8 pre-drilled Eurorack Panels have 7mm diameter holes to accept a range of components in each position. Sub-miniature switches with a 5mm bushing should be positioned centrally in the hole and affixed with a hex nut and washer.

For perfect alignment, position the switch and other components on your N8 Eurorack Control Deck and affix the panel using the bolt-in components before soldering.

Check that your switches are square to the Control Deck and centred in the holes. Adjust as needed before soldering into position.


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