LM13700 Dual OTA

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Classic dual operational transconductance amplifier. The LM13700 has been used in the VCAs and VCFs of countless classic synths. Checkout our DIY VCA using the LM13700

  • Dual Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers
  • Single Supply Voltage 3V – 28V
  • Dual Supply Voltage  ±9 V ±12 V, ±15 V
  • Typical Slew Rate 50V/µs
  • Gain Bandwidth 2Mhz
  • Max amplifier bias current (IABC) 2mA
  • Linearizing Diodes reduce output distortion

20 × 9 × 7 mm

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The LM13700 consists of two current-controlled transconductance amplifiers, each with differential inputs and a push-pull output. The two amplifiers share common supplies but otherwise operate independently. Linearizing diodes are provided at the inputs to reduce distortion and allow higher input levels. The result is a 10-dB signal-to-noise improvement referenced to 0.5% THD. High-impedance buffers are provided, which are specially designed to complement the dynamic range of the amplifiers.

Technical Overview of the LM13700

  • Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA): The LM13700 functions as an OTA, where the input voltage controls the output current. This is different from a traditional op amp, which typically amplifies voltage.
  • Current Control: The transconductance (gain) of the amplifier is directly proportional to the control current, providing precise control over amplification and signal processing parameters.
  • Linearizing Diodes: The inclusion of linearizing diodes reduces distortion and improves linearity, making the LM13700 suitable for high-fidelity audio applications.
  • Low Distortion and Noise: The LM13700 offers low distortion and noise characteristics, essential for maintaining audio signal integrity in synthesizer circuits.

Typical LM13700 Uses

  • Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs): Many classic synthesizers use the LM13700 in VCAs to control the amplitude of audio signals. The precise control over gain allows for dynamic volume adjustments, essential for creating complex envelopes and modulation effects.
  • Voltage-Controlled Filters (VCFs): The LM13700 is commonly used in voltage-controlled filter designs. Its ability to vary gain with control current makes it ideal for dynamically adjusting filter cutoff frequencies, which is a crucial aspect of subtractive synthesis.

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