9mm Trimmer Pot

£0.85 (Excl. VAT)

  • Knurled Plastic Round Shaft
  • Shaft Diameter: 6mm
  • Shaft Length: 12.4mm
  • Base Width: 9.8mm
  • Mounting Hole: 7mm
  • Base Width: 9.8mm
  • Rotation angle: 280°±0.5°

9 × 12 × 23 mm

Mounting 9mm Eurorack Trimmers

N8 Eurorack Control Decks provide a grid of JPS cells. Each cell can host a 3.5mm jack socket, 9mm potentiometer, SPDT switch or LED.

Our 9mm trimmers are soldered to the Eurorack Control Deck using the horizontal “ABC” pads and the two lug pads.

The “D-Bus” can be used as a common ground connection for the control deck. The vertical “ABC” pads are then used to connect one of the trimmer’s pins to the “D-Bus”.

The trimmer’s three connections appear at the control deck’s edge connector, as indicated on the rear of the board. A connection reference can also be found on each Eurorack Control Deck page.

Top tip: It is sometimes helpful to flip the control deck, soldering the components on the rear. This reverses the order in which pins 1-3 of the trimmer appear at the edge connector and on the N8 Eurorack Breadboard. Changing where the trimmer’s connections appear on the breadboard can help lay out your circuit.

Positioning a 9mm trimmer pot on an N8 Synth Eurorack Control Deck

N8 pre-drilled Eurorack Panels have 7mm diameter holes to accept a range of components in each position. This provides plenty of clearance for a trimmer with a 6mm shaft. 

For perfect alignment, position the trimmer and other components on your N8 Eurorack Control Deck and affix the panel using the bolt-in components before soldering.

Check that your trimmers are square to the Control Deck and centred in the holes, adjust as needed before soldering into position.


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